Living with Ephesians: Week 3

Cluster Teaching Material for 26th October


understanding ourselves 

Ephesians 2:1-10, Understanding Ourselves

Aim – to see how and why God brought us into his family 

  1. Read v 1- 3 – what is the consequence of sin? Do you recognise yourself, your country, the world in Paul’s description of the human condition?
  2. Read v 4 – 10 – look at what God did for us – what has God done/ Do we deserve it ? Why did he do it?
  3. Can you describe what it means to be in Christ or with Christ?
  4. This section describes what life without Christ means and ends with a description of life with Christ – stop and think how you would describe the difference being a Christian makes to your life.



Chris Pemberton, 07/10/2008