Living with Ephesians: Week 4

Cluster Teaching Material for 9th November




Ephesians 2:11-22, The Importance of Identity

Aim – to understand something of the biblical understanding of who we are as people

  1. God’ plan is to sum up all things in Christ – not just to rescue a few people out of a world that is going to spin off into chaos – but to sum it all in Christ, through Christ and for Christ – how do you understand this?

  2. We are called now to be the ones in whom power is let loose into the world – we are the ones who in our work, witness and life together are to anticipate that summing up of all things in the Christ – how does that make you feel and think?

  3. Do you think we have created a culture in which we have all sorts of different identities – one at home, one at work, one at leisure, one shopping etc?

  4. We are to live in the present as we will live in the future – how does this impact you ?



Chris Pemberton, 23/10/2008