Saturday 24th Saints Pre-Season Work Day

The next morning of work is Saturday 24th July, this coming Saturday, between 9am -1:00pm. Then 7th August with the aim of starting a casual pre-season on a date soon after.


Children Welcome - they played together and enjoyed it last time out.

We will be sanding and painting mostly. Just let me know if you can make it so that I can ensure there's enough snacks and drinks to keep us all going.

I'm on the hunt for the following:

Garden folk and spade
White or light coloured oil based gloss/eggshell paint
Paint brushes and rollers
Gloves / Face masks / PPE etc
General cleaning equipment

Machine to trim grass between goalposts

If you can make it, I'll see you there,





Our last morning of work:


On Saturday 10th July 2010 works started on the new Saints football facilities in Boughton-under-Blean.


Work began by clearing out the new Saints HQ and getting the facilities back into action.  (Article continues below...)




Breaks were spent catching sun rays whilst re-enacting great goal scoring world cup moments. 



The facilities consist of:


two changing room areas

two showers

ref changing room / kitchen

a toilet

kit storage area


We have water and electric for all those important cups of tea on match days.


 A new sink has been donated and now the Saints are on the hunt for a washing machine so the kit and training bibs can be washed on site.  We're also looking for 4m of good quality durable worktop to bring the kitchen fully into life.



The next day of work will tackle a few more of the list of things to do including:


Sugar soap wash down and sandpaper work.

Painting the walls, benches and timber room dividers

Painting the goalposts

Marking out the pitch

Cutting grass between the posts (not cut by the big machine)

Carpentry work



Next morning of work will be 9am Saturday 24 July 2010. 



Come and join in the action, bring footy kit for those essential breaks.


Food and drink provided.




SMB Saints Committee








SMB Saints, 11/07/2010