2011 New year update

Changes in the new year.

The SMB FC management met this week and reviewed progress this season.

Progress - We were very happy with the performances of both Eagles and Lions and of the play of each and every player this season so far.   On to win a trophey most definately and enjoying the matches which are tough at times.

Finances is a disappointment!  The club bank account is on a low buffer and will not cover the outlay of another home game at present!  We have come up with the following rules to ensure we get back on track and to save certain committee members paying out thier own money with not much returning to them.

  • Match fees will increase to £5 per match and £3 if on as a sub.  (this will cover increased costs of both pitches and refs)
  • We will collect money before you play - no match fees and you dont play that week.
  • Money owed from last year to be paid at the next match - see list below.
Pitches - We will continue to use Thannington for matches and Boughton for training. Latter in spring Boughton may be ready for a few matches! It is disappointing we cant use it now but we live and learn.

5 Aside - with poor attendance at the begining of the season we were having to use match fees to pay for the hire of the pitch. Liam is now doing a great job in ensuring we have people there = if we get 10 or more confirming they are attending we will play. This will cover the hire fee for an hour. So confirm with Liam if you are intending on coming each week.

Next Season - This may be early to think about but the management committee have been thinking hard after up to 5 years of sorting out fixtures, players, finances etc. 3 of the 5 will be standing down a the end of the season. 2 would continue if others want to support them it is a real team effort.
If you would commit to help next season please talk to us about that.
This may be our last season as SMB if not.

Injuries - there are some players coming back from injuries which we welcome back. There is healthy competition of places in both the Eagles and Lions squad. Lions matches now will include those who cant commit each week, those needing match fitness. Eagles will be those who commit and are available.

The rest of the season looks promising and I am exicited with the positions we are in now in both league and cups. Keep that effort up for the rest of the season, you make me proud to play and watch.

Most of all enjoy playing football and supporting your fellow players.


Mick, Mark, Dan, Phil and Justin

SMB Saints Committee, 05/10/2010