City Church V Eagles (League Division 1)





6th November 2010



City 0 Eagles 4



Match Report by Mark Jennings



If your thinking that 4-0 to the Eagles represents the way the team played this day, you’ll need to think again when I say that the score line could have been 10-0!



Simply put, the team played magnificently against a City team that in the past that has given SMB some serious stuff to worry about (and some very good beatings!).



But today’s glory belonged to the SMB Eagles and everyone contributed to a good all round performance.



This was summed up by the big grin on Justin C’s face having survived a game in goal walking away with a clean sheet!



A record of both the Goal’s & the really near misses follows:



No 1-A stunning individual effort & goal from Lloyd running at City defence-1-0


No 2-A great reactive goal line scrabble by Shuwab made the back of the net-Disallowed for offside!


No 3-A long strike from 30 Yards by Lloyd in the back off the net (off the shin)-disallowed for offside!


No 4-A great run through the middle by Nathan Mearns tucked into the back of the net, ably assisted by a great through ball by Lloyd-2-0


No 5-A lovely little tap in by Kings, assisted by Nathan M-3-0


No 6-Amazing back heel, midair by Nathan M to Shuwab squared to Lloyd and tapped in the net-4-0


No 7-A strike hits the post from Lloyd (18 mins 2nd half)


No 8-A strike hits the post from Shuwab


No’s 9 & 10-Nathan M one on one with the Keeper has two goes but can’t put it past him!



So there you have it, a possible 10-0 to the Eagles, and that’s not to mention the several headers over the bar from the likes of Kings & Hollingsworth.



Respect does have to go to the City keeper for pulling off some amazing saves throughout the game with some incredible bravery at times.



We must honour Justin for standing in between the sticks (given the absence of No 1 keeper Jason on account of a spectacular new tattoo of a Carp on his ribs!). There were not too many saves to make but Justin showed great confidence and did pull of the odd stop.



It was a day that the Gaffer (MJ) really enjoyed and especially the well timed introduction of Nathan Mearns that earned him a goal inside a minute on the field giving the Eagles the more comfortable two goal buffer!-shouts of Jose were heard at that moment. 



It always pains a Manager to substitute, & start off with any substitute players, and I want to thank all those in that category from today for a great attitude and maturity which benefit’s the whole teams result-everyone deserves accolade for today. 



Many thanks also to Chris Mearns for stepping in as temp ref to start the game off on time.



The team line up was as follows:



Justin C




N Hollingsworth




Phil B (Meech)




Dave Papa


Fooch (Devine)






Kes (Mearns)




Markie J, 08/11/2010