Eagles Fly Higher than Hawks

Match Report
Cup Semi-Final 5th Feb 2011
SMB Eagles 3 - Vineyard Hawks 1
Eagles Fly Higher than Hawks
This East Kent Church Cup Semi was always going to be a tough fixture-made even tougher with the high winds on the day!
Vineyard Hawks were an unknown quantity to SMB, this being their first meeting.
Was a real pleasure to see Josh Brown and his new Vineyard church team on the day with plenty of touch line banter from his old team mates!
Playing into the wind was a real factor for SMB in the first half and the ball just would not sit on the deck to enable the usual slick passing game. Goal kicks turned into banana shots and this meant SMB had to absorb a lot of pressure, especially as the slope was also against them.
Vineyard really took advantage of the tail wind to push on SMB’s goal, but it was down to some awesome battling that SMB were able to limit Vineyard to the one (and only!) first half goal for them.
The Eagles fighting spirit never left them despite being a goal down at half time, as we knew that we now had the advantage ourselves in the second half.
Some half time management changes brought on N Mearns & Lloyd (replacing Devine & Hollingworth after fantastic performances!) to take advantage of the long balls in a tail wind and the ball finally sitting on the deck in SMBs favour.
It was a change that immediately brought about the equaliser from Mearns with an acute angle shot at ground level past the Vineyard Keeper-Game back on!
SMB peppered the Vineyard Goal with some good flights down the wing from Lloyd & Shuwab who constantly switched sides to bemuse the Vineyard defence. Credit must go to Vineyard though who held us to one second half goal only.
This being the Semi and in the nature of the classic game, this meant extra time.
Having used all three subs (Kes replacing Kings) SMB had to dig deep and nerves were really on edge on the touch line.
SMB just wanted this game a little more than Vineyard on the day and fruit was borne long into extra time in the name of Liam Gawler with an assist from Kes who taking a splendid corner found Gawlers head and the back of the net. 2-1 the Eagles.
SMB’s third goal and ultimate security came from Kes who having been a little quiet this season can along with Gawler say he has provided the keys to the final on May 7th 2011!
Fantastic performances from the whole team-Well done!
The set up was as follows;
Phipps (GK)
Hollingworth (Lloyd)
Kings (Kes)
Devine (Mearns)
Manager (s): Mark J/Dan S/Justin C/Phil B
Report: Mark Jennings


Marki J, 14/02/2011