The Eagles: Not just winging it

Match Report







26th March 2011 SAFC V SMB Eagles-League Div 1







Result: SAFC 1-SMB Eagles 2














With memories of a home defeat at the hands of the Salvation Army still haunting the Eagles, this was an opportunity we were desperate not to squander being just one thread of three in a lifeline to winning the league this year.




SAFC are a young team but their recent results betray their youth, and under the fine guiding hand of Phil Layton are topping the league with a stream of positive results.




One or two changes by the Gaffer, saw Fiachra mixing it up in the midfield again together with Zac, and Kings & Gawler on the wings which made for a fine midfield.




Hollingsworth has grown quickly into Fi’s boots and alongside Beeson provided the essential central defence allowing freedom for Sham & Meech to fulfil the full back roles.  




Lloyd providing the supply role up front for the ever present Shuwab in the 6yd box meant we had the best chance possible this time of a win!




We must not forget that the confidence of the team is always reliant on the Keeper and Phipps having been instructed to watch his line to cut out the SAFC long shots was superb.




The SMB football was awesome with slick passing creating numerous chances which really shook SAFC who I’m sure had better expectations for the day.




The SAFC Goal was peppered with several chances provided to virtually the entire SMB line up. We simply outplayed SAFC who seemed to leave Phipps untroubled for most of the game.




The first Half was scoreless, and it was in the 50th minute of the 2nd that the pressure paid off with a classic diving header from Zac finding the back of the net.1-0 the Saints!




SAFC do deserve credit for some resilient defending to keep the score down, and it was approx 20 mins later that they were gifted a slightly soft goal. A throw on taking a deflection off the unfortunate Kings took the trickling ball away from Phipps and into the SMB net it went. 1-1 then at this point.




With amazing character though, buoyed up with the performance so far meant SMB dug deep and converted again from an amazing effort by Lloyd with a superb driven shot which found its way under the SAFC keeper not helped by the bounce and slippery conditions. 2-1 the Saints!




It was then with our own resolute defending that we contained SAFC who were by no means dejected at this point-more like ignited!




All in all a great game, with good sportsmanship shown with the lend of our one sub (Mick Oliver) to SAFC in the 1st half having only 10 men-thank you Mick!




The line up was:




Phipps (GK)

Sham (FB)

Beeson (CH)

Hollingsworth (CH)

Meech (FB)

Kings (RW)

Fi (CM)

Zac (CM)

Gawler (LW)

Lloyd (Str)

Shuwab (Str)




Oliver (SUB)




Gaffers: Mark J & Mick O




Crowd: At Capacity-1




Pies: Beef & Mushroom (a bit cold)











Mark Jennings, 28/03/2011