HOTS latest review and news 2012

The Healing on the streets ministry will celebrate three years on the streets of Canterbury on the 9th May 2012 and is part of an initiative spreading throughout the UK and now Europe and beyond!
Our promise is that we will be on the corner of Best Lane every Saturday morning, whatever the weather, to offer prayer for those who need physical or emotional healing, or just to be blessed and thank the Lord for all he has done in their lives.
If we meet people searching for the answers to the meaning of life questions, we will also help them with their questions and point them to one of our participating churches.

We give out an invitation card telling passers by of God’s love and desire to meet with them and have engaged with thousands of people in this way and through conversations and prayer. We have all received the good news of Jesus and are called to share it with others. We have met people from many countries, prayed in French and Spanish and even prayed for a Bosnian reformed gangster who found the Lord and is now a pastor.

The ministry is made up of six churches, SMB, New Life Church, Vineyard, City church, Canterbury Baptist church and URC. We have found such unity through this ministry which has made it so much easier to undertake other joint ministry and worship and we believe that God rejoices and will bless Canterbury when this happens ‘behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity’(Psalm 133).

This is a ministry for the long term and is about reaching out to people that don’t come to our churches.

We were always challenged by the question ‘How many people have you brought to Jesus this year?’ and until we engaged in the Hots ministry the answer was not many.
Now by the grace of God we have been privileged to lead many ’hurt’ Christians back to the Lord and many new ones to him through an encounter with God.

What is the fruit of the ministry? Perhaps a few stories…
We were called by a church in Broadstairs to tell us that someone attending their Alpha course had pulled out a battered copy of a Hots leaflet that they had carried around for a whole year before deciding to come. Another person came for prayer after carrying around one of our leaflets for a whole year.
One man who had come in for prayer almost three years ago finally stopped by to tell us that his life had been completely transformed. Following the prayer he had visited a local church, had been able to forgive the wrong done to him, come off alcohol and build a relationship back with his children. This was so encouraging to us all as we very often do not get to hear about what happens after prayer.

A man recently told us that a year ago he had received prayer for his shoulder and it was healed but he didn’t want to believe in God; however that as he walked across our site this day his back had been healed! God is so gracious.
We have seen God bless many people with physical healing and several women trying to conceive for a long time have brought their new babies to show us the result of prayer! We have spoken to those involved in the occult and spiritual healers and have been blessed to pray for several Muslims. We will refresh the website with new testimonies soon.

Many stories are so personal we feel reluctant to record them but whilst many appear to be walking about healthy we see the broken lives that lie beneath and are privileged to pray with people to allow God into their situation. There are often tears and many tell us of the peace they experience when coming onto the site.

Aaron the pastor from New Life had an in depth discussion with four teenagers who were really hungry to discuss about Christianity and science. Finding he was a pastor and a scientist with a PhD they debated earnestly for 30 minutes and left saying they were open to hear more. Thus we hope to be the seed for the next conversation they may have.

We are often asked ’what are you doing? ’when we pray for people, as it is a new experience to many in our generation. At Christmas we were blessed by some beautiful carol singing by members of New Life and one child was mesmerised by it and kept asking her mother’ what are they doing?’ Let’s hope our new children’s worker can get into our local schools.

What’s it like on the street each week? Well no two weeks are the same and the more you come the braver you get to pray for others and to engage with them to speak about the love of Jesus. Some weeks it’s quiet and others very busy, but we are all agreed we would all turn up to save one life.

There is a hunger out there, as we have even prayed for people in the snow, do look up our website and see a video of this.

How can you help? We would love to see members of SMB come down and see us on a Saturday morning( 11.15am -1.30pm) to encourage us and perhaps to receive a blessing which would in turn encourage non Christians to receive prayer as they then understand how it works, (look out for the 5 metre banner we raise each week near Patisserie Valerie). Please come!

Also we would love to recruit some prayer warriors to join John and Valerie Pulleston to pray for us for a couple of hours whilst we are out there. Could you do this at least once a month? Please contact us!

If you would like to become part of the healing team, we are running some more training sessions and please ask us about them. The training will help those who want to find out more about the healing ministry even if you don’t actually go out with us. We would love to speak with you.

Our thanks to all of you who have supported this ministry.

Simon and Maria Redman


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