The Living Church - September and October 2015

This is a series of eight gatherings split over twoparts.
The first four sessions we will gather together in the church
for worship and teaching. The second part we will be
gathered in homes.


Fellowship Groups


The Importance of Fellowship

One of the great privileges of the Christian life is that when we are brought into relationship with God through the forgiveness of our sins we are also brought into relationship with the rest of God’s Children.
The word sometimes used to describe this relationship by the New Testament writers is the Greek word Κοινωνια (Koinonia); Paul uses it at the beginning of 1 Corinthians to describe the relationship we have with Christ and at the end of 1 Corinthians to describe our relationship with the Holy Spirit.
John uses it in the first chapter of his first epistle to describe the relationship he has with the Father and the Son. It is a word of union, used to describe the deepest union that we can have, the union we were created for, relationship with God.
Κοινωνια is usually translated fellowship and is also used by the New Testament writers to describe our relationship with our fellow believers or even as a byword for the church itself. This is what we are as the people of God as the church we are fellowship, more than friendship, more than community, we are partners, we have communion, we are one.


Fellowship Groups in the life of SMB

Our small groups network provide a setting for certain aspects of fellowship that can be very difficult to cultivate in the wider setting. The small group can offer encouragement, support, challenge, equipping and opportunity for each member and help them reach their full potential as a child of God.
This is the reason we call our small groups ‘Fellowship Groups’ because that is what we hope they will be. Places of Κοινωνια where each member of SMB can find fellowship and contribute to the communion or ‘fellowship’ we have with each other and with God. These groups are absolutely central to who we are as a church, the bedrock of so much of what we do and a place to underpin vital aspects of our family life like the pastoral care of the church. We encourage everyone that considers themselves to be a member of SMB to belong to one of our fellowship Groups.




We would love to welcome you to a group! For more details, please contact Kelly Johnston (01227 453777) , or complete the form below...


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