Cluster: Lifebuoy


We have a passion to follow the commission given to us all to go into the community in Canterbury.
We would like to use the anointing offered freely to each one of us all to do this in a very practical way.
First steps though are to strengthen each other through worship and prayer so that we become a true family. It is important that everyone feels valued and that we find out together what God wants us to undertake. This would take place on Sunday mornings though a practical activity might be at a different time by agreement, when we would like to link up with other groups.
We have lots of ideas of how we can bring God to a community that does not come to SMB, but it is important to wait on God in the initial weeks and hear what God wants those he has brought to this group to do.
 ‘Hope 08’ is an initiative that calls on all churches to join together in 2008 to get out into the Community and we would like to be part of this.
Simon and Maria have two sons aged 11 and 14 years and would welcome other young people of a similar age.

Location: 132 Old Dover Road, Canterbury
Time: Sundays 10am
Leadership Team: Simon and Maria Redman, Ann Barnwell, Harry and Alison Macdonald