Fellowship Groups

If you would like to join a fellowship group, then please speak to Charmaine Muir, sign up below or email cmuir@smb.org.uk
The Fellowship of God has not been unstuck by Covid-19!  Whilst our meetings look different, our Fellowship Groups have taken on a whole new life online! God is still at work in our lives. We're acutely aware of the challenges in this time but there are also ministry opportunities that we can explore. 

If you're already part of a fellowship group then carry on 'meeting' and supporting one another in whatever way you can – zoom, skype, whatsapp, or with phone calls.

If you'd like to join a fellowship group, then now is a brilliant time to join!  Go to the website to sign up, or email cmuir@smb.org.uk. Sign up below!


email cmuir@smb.org.uk for more information
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