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This term we're stepping into Mark's Gospel. Mark draws us in gradually to his account, telling his story as you would a secret. Join us on Thursday evenings, building up a picture of Jesus as we explore the stories of those he meets. See below for details.

The 'cook' and 'clean' columns denote which of the four small groups are serving. 'Hosting' is where students serve our AM or PM Sunday services, arriving from 9.30am and 5.30pm respectively.



We start with dinner at 6.30pm to get to know each other and catch up. Then we head upstairs to spend some time in worship, hearing and learning from God’s word, a chance to wait on his Spirit and to begin to apply the teaching we’ve learnt in small groups. 

When: Thursdays (during term-time)

Time: 6:30pm – 9.30pm

Where: SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN


Regularly after morning service during term-time we turn the Link into our own massive dining room and have some good grub together to build relationships and catch up with each other.

When: Sundays (term-time)

Time: after the 10.30am service

Where: SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN


Once or twice a term we like to send the students to visit different families around the church so that they can get to know other people in the church family. This is always a really fun time and some good friendships have been built. 

When: Sundays

Time: After the 10:30am service

Where: Homes with a sofa