Prayer Rhythms

Welcome to our new initiative to help us pray, both individually and also together as a church. The hope is that as we all seek to grow together in prayer we will find that we are united more with one another through this ‘Rhythm of Prayer’. We don’t need to be monks or part-time nuns in order to experience the presence and power of God through prayer. We hope that as we pray ‘together’ we will know that we are not praying alone but alongside one another, morning, noon and night. To remind us that we are praying together we want to encourage you to pray:

“Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

This is not a rule book but a set of guidelines that we hope will evolve as we continue to grow in prayer here at SMB. As we have prepared this guide, we have had the image that our ‘Rhythms of Prayer’ would be like a ‘golden thread’ going through all that we do as we seek to more intentionally pray together.

Prayer Rhythms Booklet

To join in with these prayer rhythms, pick up a booklet from the church or take a look at it here: